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aarnâ protocol gives individual investors intelligent, uncomplicated access across crypto & DeFi

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trustless design
trustless design
data intelligence
data intelligence
secure & private
secure & private
trustless design

aarnâ's tokenization platform is fully trustless, no intermediary centralized entity. smart contracts manage all assetss

discover alpha investments

aarnâ let's you discover alpha in two ways - by creating â_fi structured products via the protocol, and via AI predictive modeling

â_fi 101

a strategy that combines a focus on the leading L1 blockchain, with exposure to blue chip DeFi protocols and two up-and-coming projects in the memecoin and DAO arenas.

underlying tokens : 10

â_fi 101

value creation

â_fi 201

stables yield

aarnâ alpha

ai structured products

one app to unlock your defi superpowers

the aarnâ dApp is a multi-chain, multi-protocol inter-operable engine that is obsessively focused on giving you the best DeFi experience with the ability to manage your complete crypto wealth

deep insights
seamless transactions
alpha discovery
portfolio management

3-tier access




  • access to aarnâ engine

  • portfolio management

  • interactive DeFi matrix with yield highlights

  • transactions on curated protocols





(launch pricing)

(get alpha with â tokens)

  • access to aarnâ alpha engine

  • ai analytics & token recommendations

  • ai driven DeFi matrix with yield optimisation *

  • profile & risk based autonomous investments *

* upcoming
alpha discovery


investment fees
(one time)


profit share
(no profit - no fees)
  • structured investments by aarnâ dao

  • strategy based â_fi structured products

  • algorithmic â_fi portfolio products *

  • free access to alpha for $10000+ in â_fi investments

* upcoming

early access


get whitelisted for aarnâ goddess NFT by signing up on our engine. available for first 888 users

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aarnâ protocol is an autonomous defi asset management protocol with a mission to decentralize the alpha access and enable autonomous alpha discovery

aarnâ protocol is a multi-sided platform: 1. crypto experts collaborate and evolve alpha creation strategies in crypto & defi 2. engine with tokenization platform for tokenzing investment strategies into â_fi structured products 3. users and investors in crypto & defi who can now discover alpha via aarna.

aarnâ dao is the governing body for aarnâ protocol. a select community of alpha creaters, web3 researchers, data weavers and council of aarnâ seers. the dao is a platform for decentralized alpha creation via cooperative human expertise and artificial intelligence. ts to decision making, alpha creation and contribute towards the decentralised alpha value chain in specific ways.

alpha refers to the most superior financial returns. at aarnâ alpha is referred to as a generic term for superior return on crypto assets and projects.

aarnâ dapp is a one step solution to all crypto investment needs. 1. transact and manage your crypto portfolio effortlessly 2. get asset recommendation for higher returns by subscribing to alpha 3. check your assets and predict movement 4. invest in alpha structured investment products to get higer returns. aarnâ protocol makes autonomous defi asset management simpler.

at aarnâ we are organising intelligence by building algorithms that run on blockchain meta-data and study market sentiments from twitter, reddit etc. this provides a personalized asset recommendation to the users who have subscribed for aarnâ alpha. the predictive investment algorithm at aarna is also open and decentralised to collaborate with other data-ai projects that can augment investments to get alpha returns.

aarnâ protocol is designed to make crypto & DeFi investments rewarding & uncomplicated

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