aarnâ dao
> our mind

and it brings together the best web3 investment expertise

â_dao is an investment governance community of the aarnâ protocol comprising crypto, defi and web3 experts, contributors and investors too

> â_dao governance & culture

advise > contribute > analyse > prosper together

proposals by
investment proposals by proven expert teams, who will design investment products and propose. only experts will have reputation tokens
â_dao voting selection
voting selection by all members to select best investment products, then developed by â_engine and smart contracts deployed with multisig
upto 7% expert
profit share
profit share earnings of 7% for selected expert team whenever inventors of specific product redeem, encoded into smart contract
meaningful rewards for contributors every week who submit thorough project / token review reports, which get selected by voting
analyst calls every week for founders / teams of selected projects. contributors get rewarded for recommending projects
share 1%
community share 1% of all â_dao structured product profits via âaarna tokens, distributed quarterly post dao costs
aarnâ token, for the â protocol with multi-functionality would be used for â_dao governance & value creation
culture of financial co-creation in the â_dao community will be the dna > wagmi!

> join â_dao if you are...

check out â_dao better, including details of our governance protocols, aligned compensation and incentivisation structures
a crypto expert
structure products and earn phenomenal profit share for your expertise
a web3 enthusiast
contribute with crisp & detailed analytical reports and get well rewarded for â_dao selected works
a new investor
join in to be part of this learning community & have a ringside voice in shaping DeFi asset management

aarnâ dao > our mind

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