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and it’s your full stack platform to manage all your crypto assets, transact across major blockchains & protocols, and access high quality insights.

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invest in alpha structured products which give you a broad investment theme, designed by human expertise backed by data intelligence

> launching shortly, the first two products, â_fi101 & â_fi102

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  1. sign-up & connect
    create id with email,
    connect your DeFi wallets
    and CEX accounts

  2. track & transact
    track all your crypto investments & transact seamlessly across multiple platforms

  3. access insights
    experience the best insights & the smartest UX in the web3 world

  4. build wealth
    with aarnâ investment on-chain products > â_dao & alpha investments

> aarnâ engine will be available for free to the first 1000 users

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