aarnâ ecosystem

aarnâ protocol combines human expertise with blockchain engineering and AI deep learning to create a decentralized platform for autonomous alpha discovery

our mission >

decentralizing the alpha value chain
open alpha creation

bring togther the best web3 minds & blockchain AI on an open dao platform for creating, collaborating & curating alpha

tokenization of alpha

tokenize complex alpha strategies on a trustless & secure platform that leverages composability to co-opt top tier

democratizing access

enable intelligent access to the asyemmtric DeFi ecosystem and make web3 alpha accessible for all

> aarnâ dao

community of best web3 minds engaged in alpha discovery & governance of aarnâ protocol, comprising of alpha creators, data weavers, & web3 researchers, guided by 8 aarnâ seers

alpha creators

bring expertise & build investment strategies and build the alpha discovery ecosystem, earrn up to 6% profit share

data weavers

data scientists contribute with data engineering & AI, collaborate with alpha creators, partake a share of profits

web3 researchers

DeFi analysts contributing through reports, insights & ambassadorship, eligible for rewards

aarnâ seers

council of 8 members who will define frameworks for governance of the ecosystem

> aarnâ ai

organizing intelligence >> bringing blockchain metadata and social sentiment to build predictive models on rich feature sets


deep learning

AI models trained on the feature set bring predictive intelligence to aarnâ alpha users, and also for alpha creators on aarnâ dao

decentralized AI

feature sets will be open sourced progressively for data scientists to build advanced models for alpha discovery


aarnâ partners with data and AI protocols who share in our mission and this collboration is rewarding for all participants


work over a year at aarnâ ai has led to a robust dataset & hand crafted feature set. Continous developement of alpha token ML models




if decentralizing the alpha value chain resonates with you and you'd like to help build aarnâ and participate in the dao, please drop us a line, we are eager!


solid crytpo & DeFi analysts who can generate techincal reports and insights

aarnâ protocol is designed to make crypto & DeFi investments rewarding & uncomplicated

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